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Requirements for sending and publishing scientific articles

Articles submitted to the editorial office should meet specified requirements:

- scientific articles of 10-12 pages (but not less than 5 pages), using single line spacing, font size of 12 pt and optimum size of an article is up to 21 000  characters (with spaces);

- scientific articles should be accompanied by expert commission`s opinion or have a directive from an institution (signed by a director of institution and certified by the seal of an institution);

- an article is to be signed by all contributors (with clarification of signatures) – it is the contributors who confirm the use their written work in soft or hard copy.

- article`s materials should be sent in hard and electronic copy,

- the first contributor`s surname and first three words of the article`s name should be put in an electronic copy.

Authors are responsible for completeness and authenticity of quoted literature and also for publication of        borrowed content without any references to the sources.